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Premium Design Examples

Every Premium Design created at Constant Contact is custom made for every customer.
Below is just a sampling of the work we’ve done – please reach out to us for your Premium Design.
This service includes two rounds of revisions to ensure your Premium Design meets your needs.

Premium Designs starts at 
$299 and delivered within 5-7 business days.

Fit To Meet Your Branding

Our designers take your entire brand into consideration when creating your creating your email Premium Design template. We utilize design elements from your website, social media, or even design documents you provide (such as a PDF branding guide, logos, and more). 

Compared to our $79 Template Design – the Premium Design allows for more unique design elements such as custom background patterns and specialized blocks not found in our standard product. With the Premium Design service, our designers work with your existing images to create new design elements unique for your email campaigns. 

Our designers will work with you on any upcoming branding changes – and can design your template based off of a new logo, a design document, or even from a website you may have in progress. 

If you have any design materials you would like our designers to take into account – you will have direct access to that designer via email and phone. 

Old Template

New Template

Unique Premium Template Capabilities

Get access to a specialized template that includes more capabilities such as including multiple button types, custom social media icons, and more. These can help you stand out from the crowd with a professionally designed look.  

Our standard templates contain 14 layout options  – and our Premium template contains between 24 and 37 layout options. We provide more choices and more capabilities that fine tunes the look of your template to work best on both desktop and mobile devices. 

At the bottom of this page are more examples of specific layouts that you can use. These range from multiple button types, transparent layouts, custom social icons, and much more. 

Old Template

New Template

Communicate With Your Designer For Revisions

With an expert designer at your side – you can be assured that your design goals and preferences are met. Once your initial design is completed – your dedicated designer will reach out to you via email to notify you. Your dedicated designer is available for 15 days after completion to allow for reviewing the draft and update requests.

Compared to our $79 Template service – this allows for you to consult with your designer directly. In addition, this service provides two rounds of revisions on your templates. If you have any changes in mind, the designer will adjust your template within two to three business days. 

Once you are assigned a dedicated designer – you can email your designer as many times as needed within the 15 business days after your initial draft is delivered. If you are needing to speak with your designer by phone – they will provide you with a scheduling link – so that you can schedule the call a time that works best for you.

Old Template

New Template
2.25X Rise In Click Rate*

More Examples

Before and After Examples

Old Template

New Template
4X Rise In Click Rate*

Old Template

New Template

Old Template

New Template
2.4x Rise In Click Rate*

Premium Only Capabilities


Date Block

New Button Types

Full Width Color

Mobile Control

Custom Icons

Unique Banner

Quote Block

Image Overlap

Branded Divider

And so much more

* Click rate increases calculated as an average of last seven emails sent before design versus the next seven after design is used.  
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